Before contacting us, please check all relevant information on our website. Particularly please check the FAQ section.

If you are interested in participating in the International Brain Bee, please note that you have to compete in a National Brain Bee in order to qualify for the IBB World Championship (Competition).  For any inquiries regarding National Brain Bees and local competitions, please contact the listed National Coordinator of that country.  All IBB-affiliated countries are listed here.  

When contacting us please provide your full name and location.  This will ensure that we can get back to you as fast and efficiently as possible.

For general inquiries regarding the IBB and the IBB World Championship please contact Marlene Aßfalg, IBB Coordinator

If you are interested in starting a new National Brain Bee, please contact Dr. Ionut Dumitru, IBB Academic Director

For all other inquiries, including partnerships and sponsorship opportunities please contact Astrid Eberhart, Executive Director