The Neuroscience Competition for Teens

The International Brain Bee was founded in 1998 by Dr. Norbert Myslinski with a mission to build better brains to fight brain disorders. Since its inception, the International Brain Bee has inspired thousands of students to study and pursue careers in neuroscience. The International Brain Bee promotes student engagement with neuroscience through a three-tiered competition: students start by signing up for a Local Brain Bee, the winners of which compete in their country’s National Brain Bee. Every year, National Brain Bees send one representative to compete at the IBB World Championship.




Competitors Anually


Represented Countries

  • 2022 IBB World Championship Announcement

    15-year-old Canadian high school student Helene Li is the 2022 International Brain Bee (IBB) World Champion. Second place went to 17-year-old Anmol Bhatia from the USA, and third place to 17-year-old Ugne…
  • Screenshot of the enviornment during the competition

    2021 Winners Announced

    Following the cancellation of last year’s competition, the 2021 International Brain Bee (IBB) World Championship crowned two World Champions. 16-year-old Viktoriia Vydzhak from the Ukraine is the 2021 World Champion and 17-year-old…
  • 2021 International Brain Bee World Championship

    2021 IBB Pre-Event Announcement

    The 2021 International Brain Bee (IBB) World Championship will take place virtually on November 5-8, 2021. 43 Teenage students representing 31 nations and regions from six continents will gather for an exciting…

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